12 Easy Steps to Prepare for Weekend Visitors

Living in a location labeled as a “vacation destination” has many benefits, but along with them comes the frequent out-of-town visitors. This is often very exciting because it means your closest friends or family are taking the time and money to come see you and learn more about your home away from home. You have ventured off to expand your opportunities, but that never means  you don’t miss familiar faces and a little “mommy time.” In the midst of your busy work schedule and social life, the time for your visitors to arrive creeps up on you before you know it. You have not had a chance to prepare and you hear them knocking at your front door. To avoid being embarrassed or having your parents question if you are capable of taking care of yourself, I have organized a simple to-do list to help before it is too late.


  1. Strip the sheets off the bed your visitors will be sleeping in and give them a fresh wash.
  2. Finish washing any dirty dishes currently sitting in your sink or run the dishwasher.
  3. Light a candle in the main common areas because we all know the last time your mom walked in she complained of the musty smell lurking in the air.
  4. Compile a list of restaurants you find appropriate for the guests whom will be visiting. You don’t want to be that person who has no idea where to go and can’t give their guests an option of where to eat. *Remember: you are the local, they most likely have never been here so they will not know where they want to go!
  5. Have fresh towels folded at the end of your guest’s bed for shower time. Be sure they each have their own washcloth and your shower is stocked with the essential toiletries needed in-case someone forgot a personal item.
  6. CLEAN YOUR BATHROOM! There is nothing more disgusting than using a dirty bathroom at someone’s house. Scrub the shower, clean the toilet and wipe down the sink area. Make sure you have fresh hand towels, plenty of toilet paper and hand soap on the sink.
  7. Run the vacuum and sweep/mop the floors.
  8. Remember to inform your roommates ahead of time you will be having visitors and when they will be arriving/leaving.
  9. Make sure your refrigerator and pantry are stocked with essentials items
    1. Water bottles
    2. Coffee, cream and sugar
    3. Alcohol- make sure you pick-up your guest’s drink of choice ahead of time
    4. Breakfast items (Eggs, bread, cheese, etc.)
    5. Late-night snacks
  10. It is always thoughtful to prepare a dip or a treat ahead of time for your guests to snack on when they are hungry. Try a simple buffalo chicken dip (try this recipe from click here) or an easy brownie recipe if you are short on time (for an easy brownie recipe from click here).
  11. Make sure you have gas in your car because you will probably be doing most of the driving.
  12. RELAX and have a blast! Your visitors are going out of their way to come see you, so show them a good time, enjoy their company and make them feel right at home!

Follow these 12 easy steps and you will be prepared for any type of visitors headed your way!


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