Food Drunk in Nashville

This week has been a whirlwind of food tasting and new dining experiences. My boss and fellow co-worker came to town to work in our Nashville office and we all felt it was only appropriate to eat our way through Music City while they were here. Check out the delicious cocktails, appetizers, entrees, and desserts we got “food drunk” on at Saint Anejo, Pinewood Social BrickTop’s, Bartaco, Husk, and The Pharmacy during their visit.

Saint Anejo

Located in The Gulch, Saint Anejo is a great atmosphere perfect for any get together with friends. If you like southern spice, this is just your place!

Pinewood Social 

Positioned on the hill across from the new Ascend Amphitheater and beside the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, Pinewood Social is an incredible spot for a refreshing getaway during your lunch break.


Where our term “food drunk” was coined, BrickTop’s offers an intriguing menu full of endless options for any appetite. We left with our belts tight, but stomachs happy and even had a chance to stop at the Starbucks across the street on West End Avenue for an evening coffee.


Step off of 12 South and into California Paradise for a coastal dining experience that will keep you coming back for more. The fresh mojitos and homemade guacamole was the afternoon snack that gave us the illusion we were sitting pool side in the Orange County sun.


Situated just 5 minutes from Broadway, you could easily pass by thinking it is a beautiful home sitting on top of the hill. They offer a new menu every day for both lunch and dinner (incredible right?!) and have a whisky and wine selection that will blow your mind!

The Pharmacy 

Outdoor dining, old fashion soda bottles, and burgers that will have your mouth watering. The Pharmacy is located in East Nashville and lives up to every inch of hype the Nashville community has been giving it. You get to pick your burger, toppings, sides, and you better not forget to order their homemade maple honey mustard sauce for dipping!


 Nashville is exploding with incredible eats and these establishments are just a few of the “must try” while visiting Music City.


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