Valentine’s Day Gift For Him

If there is one thing my friends and family know about me it is that I LOVE love! I am always interested in knowing how two people met, reading sappy love stories, and sitting around for hours watching the same romantic films over and over again. Before I started dating my fiancé (still so surreal to say!) Benjamin, I always enjoyed Valentine’s Day. But it was not until we could spend the holiday together that I really fell in love with it. Many individuals like to put this holiday down and call it the “Hallmark Holiday,” but I love to bask in the red and pink decorations and use every excuse to spoil the people I love!

“HAPPY LOVE DAY” is what I shout all day on February 14. I am lucky enough to be in love with a man who shows me admiration and affection every single day, so for us Valentine’s Day is not that much different than any other day together. Because Benjamin proposed to me just a short 3 weeks before this Valentine’s Day, we did not have any big plans. We knew we were going to spend the day together, but other than that we were just keeping it simple!

I had begun brainstorming what I was going to get him as a gift and automatically directed my attention to every women’s beloved social outlet, Pinterest! After a little research I came across an idea that inspired this year’s gift. If you are stuck for next Valentine’s Day or looking for a cute and cheap surprise present anytime during the year, check out this awesome gift perfect for any guy or girl!

The Senses of Love

In a relationship we use all 5 senses to express our passion for one another. I created a 5 box standing gift that represented each sense of love. There was a box for taste, sight, sound, smell, & touch and inside each box was a simple gift that correlated to the respective sense.

Taste: Get your significant other’s favorite candy or snack! Benjamin loves anything with chocolate and peanut butter, so I got him a few different variations of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I also got a bag of Swedish Fish and wrote little loves notes on the bag (be careful not to smudge it before it dries). If you would like, you also could get their favorite type of alcoholic beverage.

Sight: Here you can buy a pair or sunglasses, print off a picture of the two of you, or purchase their favorite movie. I got one of Benjamin’s favorite movies, Homefront with actor Jason Statham.

Sound: Music is a great connection between many couples. Use this box to purchase an album he/she may have been asking for, create your own mix CD, or find a retro record they could hang on their wall.

Smell: Who does not love candles?! I found a delicious candle that smelled like homemade french toast!

Touch: This one was a little tricky for me to come up with! I purchased Benjamin a jar of lotion for the Winter months and created my own hand written gift card to “Moni’s Salon” that included a 30 minute back massage whenever he would like!


The Supplies

  • 5 small shipping boxes – I found mine at Walmart for $0.48 each
  • 1 role of ribbon – This is your chance to get creative so pick a color you think fits best with your present. I purchased a role of red ribbon for $1.90 at Michaels
  • 1 role of clear tape – Try to find a role that is thicker in size and has a blade to make it easier to rip while binding the boxes together
  • 1 pack of colorful markers – At Five Below I was able to find a 10 pack of Bic markers for only $4.00
  • 5 packs of pink Easter grass – Easter decorations are usually out around Valentine’s Day for only $0.98 a bag


  • Start by decorating the front of each box. This is your chance to get creative and express your love in your own unique way. I wrote the sense on the front with a few hearts and on the side of each box I wrote a 1 sentence love note.
  • Once the boxes are decorated place the desired gift in its respective package and fill the box with 1 bag of pink Easter grass.
  • Tape the top of the 5 boxes with clear tape to make sure the gifts don’t fall out.
  • Stack the packages on top of one another until you have a vertical tower.
  • Tape either side of the tower and the back of the tower together to guarantee it sticks together without falling apart when traveling.
  • Tie a bow and place on top of the finished tower.

Show the ones you care with this heartfelt gift that is fairly inexpensive! 


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