Why Do We Love The Bachelor?

What is it about ‘The Bachelor’ that gets the women of America so eager to watch every Monday evening?

As we get closer to the final episode it has houses divided on who Mr. Ben Higgins is going to choose. Earlier this week on Good Morning America, Ben made it public that he is engaged. So we do know one woman walks away and one gets to spend the rest of her life with our real-life McDreamy.

I am guilty of being one of those giddy girls who loves Mondays when it is Bachelor season, but why? It is not educational, it does not widen my train of thought, and it certainly does not make me a better person- but I can’t help but love it!

As women we love to gush over witnessing love stories unfold right in front of our eyes. We enjoy connecting with the women on the show and relating to their real-life problems. Men like Ben show the single women that there are great guys out there that will treat them right and it reminds the taken women that their “lovebugs” are not too good to be true.

It is our “guilty pleasure” as you would say-pouring a glass of wine, making popcorn, and sitting down with our roommates to watch every Monday- it is a treat! My friends and I love muting it during commercials to discuss what just happened and shushing everyone when it starts back up again.

Sometimes it is good to have a little bad TV in your life and if The Bachelor is your pick then have at it, because like I always say, a little love never hurt anyone! #TeamJoJo

With Love, Monica 

the bachelor


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