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Shop Like a Local: Old Smokeys Boots

After spending a few hours in the great city of Nashville, you realize that there is a definite theme in fashion and a unique vibe that the fashion industry has established in Music City.

image1One way many locals have been able to stamp a sense of identity with their style is by finding a company or brand that sets them apart from the rest. Within my first few weeks of living in Nashville, I stumbled across an Instagram page titled ‘Old Smokeys Boots.’ After 10 seconds of scrolling, I fell in love with the modern take on a western cowgirl.


Christina Murphy, designer and owner, hunts for vintage boots, bags, and belts and transforms them into one-of-a-kind products for her shoppers to purchase. The catch? Once they are gone, they are gone. There are no replicas made of previous designs.

image1 (2)

Along with her distinct and fabulous line, Christina embodies a true southern spirit with a contagious, high energy charm. Embellishing on her grass roots, home grown brand, here’s the scoop on her very sought after Old Smokeys Boots. OSB1

1. When did you start OSB? I started OSB in April of 2014.

2. How did you come up with the idea of OSB? This story takes someone who truly believes in FAITH. I was acting in Los Angeles for nearly 10 years and felt like my heart was starting to change about that craft. I had hit a wall creatively and began to pray. I asked God to give me something of my own that truly fulfilled my desire to create. And HE heard me. One day I looked over at my shoe wall and saw a pair of 12-year-old boots that I had never worn.  I got this strong desire to rework them. So I went digging in my closet and pulled out a bunch of vintage items I had collected and started to play. I was so excited about what I had created I sent pictures to all my family and friends. I wore them everywhere and crazy enough I got stopped everywhere with people asking where I got my boots. Cut to a few days later I was on a flight thinking about an excited girl who had stopped me at the airport and my mind was flooded with ideas. I sold my next pair 3 days later in under 2 minutes. I knew then this is what I wanted to do.

3. Is Nashville your hometown? Austin, Texas is my hometown. I am a true die hard Texan. (aka: She is pretty badass!)

4. Where did you attend college? I got my bachelor’s degree at the University of Texas in Theater and Dance & Fashion Design.

5. How did the name OSB come to be? Austin can get pretty steamy in the summer & my family had a funny term for when your cowboy boots started to feel too hot- “smokers”. So when I was thinking about my business card that popped in my head and stuck.

6. As a kid did you ever think you would be a designer when you grew up?  I did not realize I wanted to do this. I really went 100% at acting and designing was never even a thought until April 2014.

7. How has your family influenced your OSB venture? My parents have immensely shaped my journey with Old Smokeys. They owned shoe stores in Austin all throughout my childhood and up until I was in college that we all worked at together. I know every side of the business because of them.

8. What products does OSB offer shoppers? OSB offers custom, one-of-a-kind boots for women and men, reworked one-of-a-kind bags, and one-of-a-kind belts.

9. How can someone purchase an item from OSB? My website is the best place to purchase items, but they tend to move fast so I warn customers to have their clickers ready.     

10. If someone wants to connect with you on social media where can they find OSB? My favorite social media outlet is Instagram. I love to give little sneak peeks and hints at new releases almost daily “OldSmokeysBoots”. (Go give her a follow NOW!)

11. Where do you get a lot of your inspiration? Nature? Culture? I watch a ton of Westerns for inspiration. You could say I am a John Wayne junkie. There is something about the wild west that calls my soul and I am constantly watching the screen for costume details. I also tend to get inspired by the vintage belts I find. They generally guide my design.

12. Where do you find a lot of your vintage products to use for OSB? I hunt for vintage pieces everywhere! I love flea markets and I love antique shops. I also have a few “pickers” who look for me all across the U.S.

13. What is your favorite piece from the OSB line? Well those are in my closet. Ha! I made a pair of boots that have Colt 45 holsters on the side. (Isn’t she fabulous?!) 

14. Do you have an office you create all of your masterpieces out of or do you work from home? I have a workshop with a 7 foot workbench in the center of the room. I can spend all day in there.

15. What is your favorite quote? My personal mantra is KEEP SOARING. It reminds me that we are all headed up the mountain. Hard work & faith keep you soaring.

16. Do you wear OSB on a daily basis? YES! I’ve always had a flare for funky fashion and OSB represents my authentic self. So putting on a pair of my own boots is really just telling the world what mood I’m in without saying a word.

17. Do your friends & family rock OSB on a daily basis? I feel very fortunate that my friends and family love Old Smokeys. At first I was worried people were just being nice, but when they wanted more products my nerves were calmed. My heart soars when I see them sporting OSB.

18. Who have been some of your most exciting shoppers?  Lucy Hale was such a sweetheart and posted her boots on her Instagram this summer and I woke up to my account practically crashing. My website was sold out that day! John Osborne of the Osborne Brothers, Rachel Reinert from Gloriana, and I just finished a custom pair for another amazing country band but I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

19. Explain your one-of-a-kind promise. My whole philosophy is to make everyone feel like a rockstar. That means since I use vintage boots and vintage belts I can never replicate that style again. I can get close, but I have never made the same boot twice. It’s simply impossible for me to hunt down all the same materials since I don’t mass produce.

20. Do you design men’s boots? I just dove into Mens! Last fall I was asked to make a custom pair for John Osborne of the talented country duo the Osborne Brothers. He was such a gem and not only wore them on the 2015 CMT Music Awards red carpet, but also in his ‘Stay a Little Longer’ music video. (Now that is awesome!)

21. Where do you see OSB in 5 years? I think eventually it would be amazing to design 5 or 6 styles a season and release them in exclusive quantities. Still giving people that one-of-a-kind product, but giving more people a chance to get a pair. Until then I grow my fan base.

22. What is your favorite music/artist to listen to when working on OSB creations? Rock & roll is a major part of my day so AC/DC is always blaring in the workshop.

To stay current on the latest products, follow @OldSmokeysBoots on Instagram and be sure to check out With one glimpse, you’ll be #OSBaddicted.


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