Spread Love. Share Kindness. Encourage Peace. #B1Now

In a world with so much violence and crime occurring, it is hard to turn on the news or check Facebook without hearing of the latest tragedy to hit a community. We are a country built on unity and for the younger generations it seems as though they have grown up in a world nothing shy of dangerous. Society is being poisoned by acts of hatred and humanity is forced to be weary of the outside world.


We are the only ones that can change this constant cycle. As one person, it is easy to believe that you can’t make a difference, but you are wrong. Expressing one kind word or participating in one act of kindness can make the world of difference.  Let’s be the change and show the malicious individuals that they can’t bring us down because love will always win.

Often times, it takes something disastrous to happen to make us join together as one. Instead, let’s Spread Love, Share Kindness, and Encourage Peace! Join with me by posting in the comment section an act of kindness, an expression of love, a photo of peace that you witnessed, or simply tag a loved one and let them know you are thinking of them! Share this with your friends and family and be the reason someone feels hope in their situation or finds a light in their day! We can BE ONE now, instead of after we are torn. #SpreadLove #ShareKindness #EncouragePeace #B1NOW

With Love,



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