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Welcome Home: Love, Nashville

Many of us are in that stage of life where our friends and family members are renting gorgeous new apartments and buying adorable first homes! It is an exciting time and as their loved ones, part of our job in their new home is presenting them with a housewarming gift!

I like to keep these types of gifts simple, yet personalized because chances are my gift is not going to be the only one they are receiving. Recently, a good friend of mine and her boyfriend bought their first apartment together in Chicago and I wanted to combine their interests with the flare of Nashville to their new humble abode.


What was in the basket?

I knew that the couple loved red wine, coffee, and deserts. I also knew that they loved reading and trivia, so to mix it up a little I added handwritten notecards in the basket as well. I just did a simple Google search and mixed in my own knowledge to give them a little background on each gift and how it represents Nashville. Not only did they get a few items they can use and enjoy, they also learned a little bit about my new home as well. It is personalized from both ends!


To learn more about the products included in my housewarming basket check out:

Bongo Java Coffee:

Goo Goo Cluster:

Arrington Vineyards:

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum:


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