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5 Tips for Hosting Your First Thanksgiving

The holidays are here, and while it may seem like the retail stores have skipped this delicious celebration and jumped straight to Christmas, Thanksgiving is still here to party!

For many people, you will be traveling to your parents, grandparents, or in-laws to indulge in some very excessive meal choices and to throw back a few of your favorite cocktails. Others may be unable to travel and will partake in this new tradition we like to call Friendsgiving. It is when a group of friends organize a potluck dinner and everyone shows up with one dish to share!

Now, if you don’t fall under either one of those categories that probably means YOU are the host this year and your friends and family members will be showing up at your front door expecting the best!


By this point I am sure you have already completed all of your grocery shopping and have written out your recipes for Thursday morning! Welcoming your loved ones into your home for a holiday like this can be intimating, but with a little bit of organization and a nice glass of wine you will get through this like a pro! Check out my 5 tips for hosting your first Thanksgiving.

  1. Set your table ahead of time. Even if it’s just the night before, have your centerpiece set, your plates, glasses, and silverware at designated seats, and pull out your serving dishes. This will give you one less thing to worry about as your guest begin to arrive.
  2. Don’t turn down help. This is your first time–let the veterans give you a hand and teach you the tricks of the trade. Be shameless in asking someone to help prepare a dish.
  3. Have your adult beverages ready to serve. No one is going to care if dinner is running a few minutes late if they have a drink in their hand. Make sure you set out glassware, chill the beverages, and pour sangria in pitchers ahead of time.
  4. Make a list of what you need to do. Before the big day write down every dish that needs to be prepared and in what order you must cook them. Note how long each recipe will take to give yourself enough time. If necessary, jot down names of helpers beside specific tasks so there is no confusion in the kitchen.
  5. Prepare what you can ahead of time. If possible, make your appetizers, casseroles, and desserts the night before. The less you have to do on Thanksgiving the more relaxed the process will be.
Image: King Arthur Flour

This is a holiday centered on family and friends. Be grateful for the company you keep and bask in the moment. When it is all said and done no one is going to remember your meal, they are going to look back on the incredible memories they made surrounded by the ones they love. I would love to learn your favorite Thanksgiving recipes; feel free to share them with me in the comments below!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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