Last-Minute Halloween Costume

Tomorrow is October 31, which means one thing…HALLOWEEN!

I, like many others, love this holiday! There is no pressure of presents or cooking, just a day centered around fun and celebration. But, one thing that stumps me each and every year is “What am I going to dress up as?”


Social media and Pinterest have put the pressure on many women (and even men) to create the most creative costumes, often times taking the excitement out of this “spooktacular” day.

Last week, I had to dress up for a work event. With a little bit of cinema inspiration, I was able to create a comfy, creative, and cost-friendly costume!

If you are in need of a little inspiration before your trick-or-treat festivities or parties tomorrow, check out this last-minute costume idea!

Inspiration: Grease

Costume: Pink Lady

What you need:

  • Black pants (preferably leather–I picked up a cheap pair from The Impeccable Pig on 21st Avenue in Nashville)
  • Heels or Converse sneakers (pink, black, or gray)
  • Black shirt (I recommend long sleeves if you will be outside, short sleeves if you will be inside)
  • Pink jacket or sweater
  • Bandana (pink, black, or white)
  • Large hoop earrings
  • Pony tail
  • Hairspray
  • Lipstick (pink, red, nude)


The rest is pretty self-explanatory. I wore my gray Converse high tops because I knew I would be walking a lot. If you know you will be sitting most of the evening, the black heels definitely add a little sass! For my hair, I just teased the top, put it in a side pony, and wrapped a little strand of hair around the elastic band. Retro earrings add a fun pop of color, but sleek silver hoops create the same effect. Lastly, throw a little color on your lips, fold your bandana, and gently tie a knot around your neck!

I would love to see your Halloween costumes! Be sure to tag me in your posts, @TheSouthernWave, I will be sharing my favorite ones on Wednesday!

With Love,





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