6 Tips for Young Women & Their Cars

A day with car trouble is a day most would like to forget. When my car has trouble starting, I need a new tire, or a headlight needs changed I often feel like a deer in headlights when dealing with these specific situations. Most times I ask my fiancé for help, call my parents for advice,… Continue reading 6 Tips for Young Women & Their Cars

Holidays · Lifestyle

How To Make A Flower Crown

I love holidays, especially the festive ones that give you an excuse to dress up! This year for Halloween I decided I was going to be a “hippie” for the weekend. While there were a number of different ways I could have taken my costume  I knew no matter what I was going to need a flower crown–because what… Continue reading How To Make A Flower Crown

Wine & Dine

Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

Growing up, one of my favorite after-school treats was my mother’s homemade banana chocolate chip bread. It was always so flavorful and fresh, I couldn’t help but go back for seconds! Normally, she would bake the batter in small bread pans, but I like to bake mine in muffin pans for an easy, on-the-go breakfast… Continue reading Banana Chocolate Chip Bread