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If you are out of makeup wipes or don’t wish to purchase anymore, simply dab a small amount of baby oil on toilet paper and wipe across your closed eye. In just a few swipes, you will have a fresh face!






If you throw a few tennis balls into the dryer, it will not only help make things fluffy it will also help your clothes dry faster!



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Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner and that means one thing, picnics and barbecues! If you are gearing up for the festivities try this method when melting chocolate for your chocolate covered strawberries or dipped chocolate pretzels!





When researching flights, airlines can track your activity. Their systems learn which flights you are searching for and when you are trying to book them. This causes your ticket price to rise every time you check back.

To avoid this problem you must clear your search history on your computer or use a different electronic device (phone, computer, tablet) to look up flights! Don’t let the cost of flights be anymore than they already are! 




Guacamole is a go-to dip, but it is even better when you can make it at home the way you like it! To help keep your guacamole stay the beautiful vibrant green color, don’t throw out the giant pits from the avocados-instead save them and throw them in your guacamole to keep it fresh!